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Ji'nan Tianrui Seed Co., Ltd was founded in 2009. It is a specialized company focused on development, screening, promotion and sales of high-end vegetable seeds. Its registered capital is RMB 2.01million. The office building is more than 800 square meters. There are more than 20 employees.

      Our business covers more than 20 provinces in China. It has a good reputation and public praise in this industry. The performance is also outstanding. We are active in cooperating with domestic agricultural research institutions. At the same time, we also introduces foreign high-grade vegetable seeds, to meet the growing demand of the domestic seed market.

      The products of our company include eggplant, squash, tomato, cauliflower, spinach, pepper and other 15 species, more than 100 varieties. Eggplant and squash are two superior crops. Our eggplant varieties cover almost all domestic types, including green-sepal black long eggplant, purple-sepal black long eggplant, black round eggplant, red line eggplant, green eggplant, black line eggplant and so on. The main advantages of our squash varieties are bright green color, straight fruit shape, high disease resistance, strong heat and cold tolerance, wide adaptability. Besides, we are also developing and breeding tomato, cauliflower, pepper, cabbage, spinach and other vegetable seeds.